3 Types of Car Wash Bays

Self-Serve Bays

If you are into every detail when you wash your car, this wash is for you. Self-Serve is also a good choice if you have a tall vehicle, large spoiler, antennae or other obstruction that may be damaged by automatic washes. We have every option imaginable to provide the perfect wash. HINT (use the spotless rinse at the end of your wash and your car will be spot-free without the need for drying.)


Touchless Automatic

When it comes to a Touchless car wash, our Quicksilver automatic is hands down the best Touchless wash in Cache Valley. Using state of the art technology and the finest detergents this wash is aimed to please. For you folks who prefer that nothing touches your vehicle, the Touchless may be your style.

Soft Touch Automatic

Our Odyssey Soft Touch automatic is one of the safest,  most efficient soft touches in the business. The Odyssey uses brushes made of closed cell foam. This material will not hold dirt and grime making it extremely safe for your vehicles finish. The brushes will leave your vehicles surface clean and polished. Also, due to the brushes scrubbing your vehicle, we can cut down on the amount of water we use making the Odyssey water friendly. Remember, if your vehicle has any non-standard accessories such as bike and ski racks, you will want to use the Touchless.